I can't thank you enough for your unforgettable hypnotism demonstration. You're my Hero! Thank you for your kindness in humouring me and performing your amazing skills!

J.J. Abrams

Is this shit for real?

Harrison Ford

I don't know why he's a stuntman when he has such a good talent for Magic!

Catherine Zeta Jones

Incredible!... I've seen some magicians before, but boy does this guy know his stuff!

Antonio Banderas

Thank you for choosing us you have a real talent and your performance is showmanship is great

Simon Cowell

You surprised us all....Very Slick performer with amazing skills and your performance was incredible...WOW Incredible

Amanda Holden

This act is ready for the Royal Variety.... You really are fantastic Absolutely brilliant,Incredible well done... Brilliant the way you combine both your jobs, Which I have to say you are superb at.

David Walliams

Presentation is brilliant You're fantastic at what you do. So original and your showmanship is spot on.

Alesha Dixon

Einstein said the greatest thing in the Universe is the mysteries and for me Mathew Stirling's magic embraces that vision.

Brian Blessed


Katie Holmes

Brilliant and Funny...I Hate Him!

Hugh Jackman


Cherie Blair

Matt does real magic!

Daniel Radcliffe

He does some wild shit!

Tom Felton

Holly Shit! How the hell did you do that!!! This is not real magic it doesn't exist! But you've convinced me!

Richard Hammond